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Gordon Bunshaft architectural drawings and papers, 1909-1990 bulk 1950-1979 [Avery]
...-General Periodicals; VII. Publications-SOM News; VIII. Postcards; IX. Oversize and Miscellaneous-Thesis, Oral History, Artifact, Audiovisual, Awards, Diplomas, Photographs; X. Architectural Drawings-Rotch Travelling...

Peter Blake architectural records and papers, 1910-2006 bulk 1980-2002 [Avery]
...: The Planned Deterioration of America’s Landscape (New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1964), a polemic against billboards and "honky-tonk" whose thesis he would later revise, ultimately appreciating the "pop...

Klaus Herdeg papers, 1963-1992 [Avery]
... boards for Herdeg’s thesis at Cornell University. The fifth subseries includes sketches on tracing paper, base drawings on velum and final ink on Mylar drawings of a series of concession era buildings...

Joseph L. Blau papers, 1912-1987 [RBML]
... Jersey before entering Columbia. He was awarded his B.A. in 1931. Upon graduation he began teaching in New York's public schools; two years later he completed a thesis on John Biddle, the founder...

Paul Oskar Kristeller papers, 1910-1989 [RBML]
... with a thesis on Plotinus. He went on to do a Habilitation with Martin Heidegger in Freiburg, writing his Habilitationsschrift on the fifteenth century Platonist Marsilio Ficino, a thinker that would continue...

Boris Sapir papers, 1898-1992 [RBML]
... Sotsialisticheskii Vestnik Socialist Herald He attended Heidelberg University graduating with a degree in law Dr. juris utriusque in 1932. His thesis Dostojewsky und Tolstoi über Probleme des Rechts Dostoevskii...

Sylvia Ardyn Boone Papers, 1925-2011 bulk 1961-1993 [RBML]
... in 1971 and received her M.A. in 1973, upon the completion of her thesis, The Sande Society Mask "Bundu". She completed her Ph.D. in Art History, and her doctoral dissertation, Sowo Art in Sierra Leone...

Kulchur Foundation records, 1936-1994 bulk 1969-1989 [RBML]
... Barnard College in 1948, where she developed her taste for modern literature and avant-garde poetry. She went on to do graduate work in English at Columbia University, writing her masters thesis on feminist...

Douglas Moore papers, 1883-2003 bulk 1907-1969 [RBML]
... inscribed books and scores, as well as articles and clippings about Moore written by others. In addition, Lewis J. Hardee, who wrote his master’s thesis on Moore, donated his research material and original...

Columbia University Cuneiform Collection, circa 3100 BCE - 2018 CE bulk circa 3100 BCE - 539 BCE [RBML]
..., most drastically in 1971, when Robert David Freedman made a catalog of the Ur III texts as a Master's Thesis at Columbia University. In 1993, the collection, which had been housed in 46 boxes (the...

Meyer Schapiro collection, 1919-2006 [RBML]
..., typescripts and notes relating to his masters thesis and doctoral dissertation, and photographs and notebooks from his travels abroad between 1927 through 1957. The collection also houses an extensive set...

Selma Rattner research papers on James Renwick, 1856-2001 bulk 1960s-2001 [Avery]
... interested in Renwick's two major New York City works, Grace Church (1845) and St. Patrick's Cathedral (1858-1888), and wrote her master's thesis for Columbia on Grace Church and Gothic Revival architecture...

Philip Butcher papers, 1864-2005 bulk 1940-1990 [RBML]
... and had been the topic of his Master's thesis. Butcher was married to Ruth Butcher with whom he had two daughters, Wendy and Laurel. World War II temporarily interrupted Butcher's scholarly trajectory...

National Urban League records, 1911-1916 [RBML]
... the University's first African American doctoral graduate in 1912. His thesis, The Negro at Work in New York City, was published by Columbia University Press in the same year. The CUC merged with the NLPCW...

Marshall Berman papers, 1940-2013 [RBML]
..., under the tutelage of the political philosopher Isaiah Berlin. His 1963 thesis, "Marx on Individuality and Freedom," touched on many of the central themes and questions of his later writings. While living...

İlhan Mimaroğ̆lu Papers, 1926 - 2012 [RBML]
... thesis, titled “Electronic Music,” explored the medium in detail. Mimaroğlu also took advantage of his access to the Electronic Music Center’s Mark II Sound Synthesizer to complete several electronic...

Sophia Lyon Fahs papers, circa 1850 -- 1987 [Burke]
... educational work: they pioneered the use of contemporary history and extra-Biblical material in Sunday School education, and her master’s thesis, “The Use of Missionary Biographies in Religious Education...

Edward Van Dyke Robinson papers, 1884-1915 [RBML]
..., and abstracts, 1890-1907, relating to education, government, and economics; class notebooks from high school, the University of Michigan, 1887-1891, and the University of Leipzig, 1892-1895; his master's thesis...

Leonid Cherepen'kin Papers, 1910s-1980s [RBML]
... wrote a promising thesis on Dante, he continued to work as a fixer, as it was difficult to make a living as a teacher. Leonid Vasil'evich Cherepen'kin died in 1991. He was buried in Pskov, next...

Gay Humphrey Matthaei and Francis B. Randall Collection of Photographs, Films, and Clippings, 1954-2010 [RBML]
..., as well as article, clippings, letters, photographs, ephemera, and a thesis. Identification of specific item; Date (if known); The Gay Humphrey Matthaei Collection of Photographs, Films and Clippings.; Box...

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