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Charles Elmer Gehlke papers, 1908-1935 [RBML]
.... Manuscripts, letters, and printed materials relating largely to Gehlke's book EMILE DURKHEIM'S CONTRIBUTION TO SOCIOLOGICAL THEORY and to the sociologist Franklin Henry Giddings. Identification of specific item...

Jacob Saposnekow Manuscripts and Notes on Iakov A. Novikov, 1928 [RBML]
... prepared by Saposnekow on the Russo-French sociologist I︠A︡kov A. Novikov (1849-1912). Also included is a letter by Pitirim Sorokin, advising Saposnekow as to how to proceed with his research on Novikov...

Benjamin Nelson papers, 1925-1977 [RBML]
... Coleman. Method of acquisition--Gift; Date of acquisition--1978. Accession number--M-78. Historian, sociologist. Nelson taught at City College of New York, the University of Chicago, the University...

Herbert Gans papers, 1944-2004 [RBML]
..., a sociologist, urban planner, critic, and Columbia University professor. The collection includes research files, field notes, book manuscripts, published and unpublished articles and studies, correspondence...

Camillo J. Vergara slides : The New American Ghetto collection, 1980-1993 [Avery]
.... Camilo Jose Vergara (born 1944) is a sociologist and photojournalist known for documenting the developments of urban decay and the deterioration of buildings in American cities. Streetscapes (Urban design...

Jessie Taft papers, 1888-1961 bulk 1920-1961 [RBML]
... Faculty Portraits Social workers Sociologists Annual reports aat Articles aat Awards aat Case histories ftamc Curricula ftamc Essays aat Indexes ftamc Lists rbgenr Notes Obituaries rbgenr Oil paintings...

Virginia P. Robinson papers, 1847-1977 bulk 1910-1977 [RBML]
... education Universities and colleges Faculty Social workers Sociologists Articles aat Bills (financial) rbgenr Biographies ftamc Brochures rbgenr Case histories ftamc Financial records aat Genealogies rbgenr...

Robert Staughton Lynd papers, 1933-1945 bulk 1933-1935 [RBML]
... and referred to by American sociologists. Lynd died on November 1, 1970 in Warren, CT, at the age of seventy-eight. Cataloged Christina Hilton Fenn 08/--/89. Papers processed Marilyn Chin, Queens College, 2011 2...

Henry L. Moore Collection on economics and econometrics, 1900-1940 [RBML]
...." The notebooks include essays and miscellaneous notes of Vilfredo Pareto, Ernest Renan, Marcus Aurelius, and other sociologists and philosophers. The correspondence includes letters from prominent economists...

Franklin Henry Giddings papers, 1890-1931 [RBML]
.... This collection is located on-site. This collection has no restrictions. This collection includes letters from prominent sociologists and economists such as Richard T. Ely, Henry C. Adams, Simon N. Patten, Frank W...

Sigmund Diamond papers, 1950-1990 [RBML]
... with many noted sociologists and historians. Included in the manuscripts is Diamond's "In Quest." The subject files comprise material from Diamond's tenure at Columbia and include some material pertaining...

Robert M. MacIver papers, 1930-1969 [RBML]
... science Philosophy Sociologists College teachers New York (N.Y.) Social conditions Columbia University Libraries Rare Book and Manuscript Library 4079068 MS#0826 https...

Todd Gitlin papers, 9999 [RBML]
... appraised appraiser [date]. Gitlin, Todd. Intellectuals United States Biography Political activists Literature Sociologists Personal papers aat Columbia...

Bernard Barber papers, 1938-1988 [RBML]
... research grants, book manuscripts, and his college notes. Correspondence with sociologists and other professional colleagues concerning his writing, teaching, and Barnard College administrative affairs...

Lewis Levitzki Lorwin papers, 1908-1970 [RBML]
... of acquisition--1982. Accession number--M-82. Sociologist. Lorwin was professor of economics, author of many books on economic planning, and consultant to the government, the Brookings Institution, the Institute...

Samuel McCune Lindsay papers, 1877-1957 [RBML]
...--Magoun, F.L. Method of acquisition--Gift; Date of acquisition--1978. Accession number--M-1978. Anna Robertson Brown Lindsay papers Educator & sociologist. He received his Ph.B. from the University...

Robert K. Merton papers, 1928-2003 bulk 1943-2001 [RBML]
... are noted in the contents list. All original copies of audio / moving image media are closed until reformatting. The Robert K. Merton papers document the noted sociologist's career as a student, professor...

Maksim Maksimovich Kovalevskii Papers, 1873-1950 [RBML]
...--Gift; Date of acquisition--1954. Papers: Source of acquisition--Maksim E. Kovalevskiĭ via Beatrice Stillman. Method of acquisition--Gift; Date of acquisition--1980. A historian and sociologist, Kovalevskiĭ...

Bureau of Applied Social Research records, 1938-1977 [RBML]
...). A data set related to the Academic Mind is available via Research Data Services: The Bureau of Applied Social Research, headed by sociologist Paul Lazarsfeld...

Fannina W. Halle Papers, 1911-1939 [RBML]
...--1956. Fannina W. Halle (1881-1963), Russian born Austrian art historian and sociologist. She was born in Panevezys, Lithuania, into a wealthy Rubinstein family. In 1907, Fannina married Dr. Walter Halle...

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