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Al. Lenkov Memoirs, 1956 [RBML]
... discusses the Civil War in western Siberia in 1918, and touches upon cooperation between Czechoslovak forces and the Whites in early 1918. Memoirs: Method of acquisition--Purchase; Date of acquisition--1956...

OGPU Siberia records, 1918 - 1935 [RBML]
...Soviet Union. Obʺedinennoe gosudarstvennoe politicheskoe upravlenie OGPU Siberia records, 1918 - 1935 0.5 linear feet (1 manuscript box) Material is unprocessed. Please contact rbml...

Emiliia Bruzinskaia Papers, 1970 [RBML]
...Bruzinskai︠a︡, Emilii︠a︡, 1880- Emiliia Bruzinskaia Papers, 1970 12 items (12 items) This collection is located on-site. Reminiscences of Siberia in the late 19th century. There are also two...

Viktor Leonidovich and Boris Leonidovich Pokrovskii Papers, 1914-1926 [RBML]
... of correspondence, manuscripts, documents, photographs and printed materials -- sheds light on the anti-Bolshevik campaign in the Kuban ́region, Siberia and the Far East. The correspondence is chiefly from the early...

Sergei Ivanovich Bel'deninov Papers, 1917-1962 [RBML]
... on such topics as his education in Irkutsk and St. Petersburg, his legal practice before and during the revolutionary period, and the Civil War in Siberia. Papers: Method of acquisition--Purchase; Date...

Ol'ga Mikhailovna Artamonova Papers, 1970s [RBML]
... including her memoirs, entitled "Moi︠a︡ semi︠́a︡", and family photographs from the early 20th century. The memoirs concern the Depreradovich family, Siberia in the early 20th century, the Revolution...

Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Stakhovich Manuscripts, 1918-1957 [RBML]
... of the documentation pertains to White Army activities in Siberia and the Far East. Manuscripts: Source of acquisition--Aleksandr A. Stakhovich. Method of acquisition--Gift; Date of acquisition--1956. Former member...

Grigorii Efimovich Popov Memoirs, 1969 [RBML]
...Popov, Grigoriĭ Efimovich, Grigorii Efimovich Popov Memoirs, 1969 94 pages (94 pages) This collection is located on-site. Popov's manuscript memoirs touch on his childhood and life in Siberia...

Zinaida Aleksandrovna Rzhevskaia Manuscript, 1965 [RBML]
... and contain references to his arrest, exile in Siberia and execution. Manuscript: Method of acquisition--Purchase; Date of acquisition--1966. Zinaida Aleksandrovna Rzhevskai︠a︡ was the wife of Boris...

Nikolai Andreevich Martynov Papers, 1930-1964 [RBML]
...--Purchase; Date of acquisition--1963. Martynov served in the White Army during the Civil War in Siberia, and then emigrated to Manchuria, where he continued in anti-Soviet activities, including guerilla actions...

Vasilii Aleksandrovich Mikhailov Memoirs & Printed Materials, 1904-1966 [RBML]
... all 248 p.) discuss Mikhaĭlov's education in Nezhin and at Kiev University; and the Revolution and Civil War in Siberia, particularly Orenburg in 1917 and later with Admiral Kolchak. Also included...

Aleksandra A. Smugge Memoirs, 1959 [RBML]
..., begin with a vivid description of her early life in Irkut︠s︡k. She then chronicles the years she lived and studied in Geneva and Paris before returning to Siberia and thence moving to Harbin, Port Arthur...

Stepan Vasil'evich Vostrotin Papers, 1919-1942 [RBML]
... treats in his memoirs are: the building of the Chinese-Eastern railroad, gold mining along the Eniseĭ River in Siberia, the creation of the North Sea route, various Siberian explorations, the Civil War...

Paul B. Anderson Collection, 1920-1975 [RBML]
... no restrictions. Photographs and a privately published memoir collected by Paul B. Anderson, YMCA official. Included are seven albums with photographs, taken by Charles Riley, from the YMCA mission in Siberia...

Aleksandr Dmitrievich Belozerov Memoirs, 1964 [RBML]
... in the Smolensk region and Siberia; the NEP period in Moscow; the terror of the 1930s; and World War II. Belozerov began the war as a technician in the Soviet army; was captured by the Germans in 1941. He later...

Il'ia Nikolaevich Shendrikov Memoirs, 1955 [RBML]
...-October 1917. Memoirs: Method of acquisition--Purchase; Date of acquisition--1955. Shendrikov in 1917 was a member of the Provisional Government's Ispolkom in Biĭsk, in Siberia; in June he was appointed member...

Donald Thompson Photographs in Siberia, 1917 [RBML]
...Thompson, Donald C., 1885-1947 Donald Thompson Photographs in Siberia, 1917 383 Megabytes (122 jpeg files) Material is unprocessed. Please contact rbml...

Mikhail Sergeevich Lunin Letterbook, 1838-1960 [RBML]
...). This collection is located on-site. Most of the letters are to Lunin's sister, from Siberia in 1838-1840; in addition there is an essay by him"Coup dʹoeil sur les affaires de Pologne" drawing on his service...

Mikhail Vladimirovich Bernatskii Papers, 1901-1932 [RBML]
... files concern: the finances of the Provisional Government and of the Whites in the South and in Siberia and the Far East; and the settlement of White Army veterans in European countries in the 1920s...

Ivan Vasil'evich Rozhnovskii Papers, 1956-1965 [RBML]
... manuscript memoirs. One memoir is entitled "Velikoe pereselenie i sudb́y kresti︠́a︡nstva" (9 p.), and concerns the peasant migration to Siberia at the end of the 19th century and its fate in the Soviet period...

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