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Frederic Dannay papers, 1920-1982 [RBML]
... on the Eighth Day" etc. In addition, there are the manuscripts of books edited by Ellery Queen; manuscripts by Ellery Queen Jr.; scripts by Ellery Queen; poetry by Dannay; contracts between Dannay and Lee...

Dawn Powell papers, 1890s-2012 bulk 1890s-1965 [RBML]
... matter) aat Receipts (financial records) aat Reviews (documents) aat Scripts...

William McMurtrie Speer papers, 1880-1936 [RBML]
... (financial records) aat Reports aat Scores (documents for music) aat Scripts...

Meyer Schapiro collection, 1919-2006 [RBML]
... George Braziller. With her efforts, the following books were published posthumously: Words, Script, and Pictures: The Semiotics of Visual Language (1996); Impressionism: Reflections and Perceptions (1997...

Oscar Newman papers, 1959-1998 [Avery]
... office information, information on Starrett City, Yonkers, TV Scripts, and contracts. The CD’s consist of software. The 16mm reels are copies of the 1974 Horizon Documentary featuring Newman: The Writing...

Samuel and Bella Spewack papers, 1920-1980 [RBML]
... Television scripts aat Translations Dramatists http...

Samson Raphaelson papers, 1916-1982 [RBML]
...:// Scripts (documents) aat Sheet music aat Syllabi aat Transcripts aat http...

Joseph L. Blau papers, 1912-1987 [RBML]
...:// Scripts (documents) aat Syllabi aat Theses aat Authors lcsh http...

Frances Perkins papers, 1895-1965 [RBML]
... Proofs (printed matter) aat Reports aat Scripts (documents) aat http...

Annie Laurie Williams records, 1922-1971 [RBML]
...:// Scripts (documents) aat Short stories aat Synopses aat Authors, English...

Henry Beetle Hough papers, 1841-1994 [RBML]
...:// Reviews (documents) aat Scripts (documents) aat Slides (photographs) aat

Manning Marable papers, 1967-2012 [RBML]
...--filling sheets upon sheets of yellow loose leaf with his impeccable script--he was in fact a man well ahead of his time with respect to digital humanities. Early on in his tenure at Columbia University, Marable...

Robert Allan Jacobs papers, 1890s-1990s bulk 1909-1983 [Avery]
... Jacobs This series contains papers of Robert Allan Jacob's father Harry Allan Jacobs. The papers include clippings, ephemera, scrapbooks, firm ledger, portrait, and a play script. Robert Allan Jacobs...

Peter Marcuse papers, 1947-2017 [Avery]
... activism, and personal research interests. Most of the folder titles refer to either the related topics, the place of the events, or the documents’ formats. Drafts, whether they are as scripts for talks...

Brander Matthews papers, 1877-1962 [RBML]
... and cards from Edith Kermit Roosevelt to the Matthews family and a few items from other members of the Roosevelt family. The letters are in typescript and script and are dated from various places...

William Henry Waldo Sabine papers, 1797-1994 bulk 1920-1994 [RBML]
... Pen and ink drawings aat Poems aat Satires (literary works) aat Scripts...

Vera Connolly papers, 1907-1960 bulk 1916-1956 [RBML]
..., musicals, and radio scripts, submitted movie concepts to film studios, and published a young adult novel entitled Judy Grant, Editor. Fiction remained a secondary interest, however, and Connolly eventually...

Shih-hui Hsiung (Shihui Xiong) papers, 1907-1974 bulk 1930-1948 [RBML]
.... The highlights of the papers are the manuscripts, which include six volumes of Hsiung's memoir, seven volumes of diaries over 43 years, and approximately 440 original handwritten speech scripts. The photographs...

Mark Van Doren papers, 1917-1976 [RBML]
...:// Poems aat Proofs (printed matter) aat Reviews (documents) aat Scripts...

Gerald Sykes papers, 1921-1984 [RBML]
...:// Schedules ftamc Scripts (documents) aat Syllabi aat Art critics lcsh http...

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