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Health Sciences Historical Collection, 1767-2005 bulk 1867-2004 [CU Archives]
... of Nursing, and Mailman School of Public Health. School of Dental and Oral Surgery. Columbia's dental school was the fruit of an effort by a group of influential New York dentists, physicians, and scientists...

Charles F. Chandler papers, 1847-1937 bulk 1864-1925 [RBML]
... were purely or primarily social, other such as The Chemists' Club, which Chandler founded, were intended to build professional connections among scientists in New York. He also founded the American...

David Hamburg papers, 1949-2003 [RBML]
..., memoranda, documents, minutes, reports, manuscripts, notes, calendars, photographs, audio recordings, awards and other realia and printed materials. The correspondence and memoranda are of various scientists...

Leo Lerman papers, 1893-2012 bulk 1937-1994 [RBML]
... completed. His memoirs were not the only book project that Lerman undertook over the course of his career. Early in his writing life he penned two children's books-- Leonardo da Vinci: Artist and Scientist...

University Protest and Activism Collection, 1958-2018 bulk 1968-1972 [CU Archives]
... to the stand-off. Faculty in Philosophy 301 formed an Ad Hoc Faculty Group (AHFG), which was chaired by Political Scientist Alan Westin and directed by an AHFG steering committee. Membership in AHFG was based...

Department of Physics Historical records, 1862-1997 bulk 1906-1957 [CU Archives]
... that now exists at Columbia has grown out of a long and distinguished tradition of physics teaching and research. Columbia graduates, along with many other scientists who spent their formative years here...

Alexander Gumby collection of Negroiana, 1800-1981 [RBML]
... athletes African American scientists African American teachers African American women African Americans African Americans History African Americans Social conditions African Americans in the performing arts...

Columbia Armenian Oral History Archive, 1968-1977 [RBML]
... President Victor Hambartsumian of the Academy of Sciences of Armenian, in 1962 he was an Exchange Scientist of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and of the Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R. He Served...

Annie Stein papers, 1954-1993 bulk 1954-1981 [RBML]
... took the effort of 63,000 teachers, thousands more administrators, scholars, and social scientists, and the expenditure of billions of dollars to achieve" Stein wrote. "Alone, however, the 'professional...

Harriet Zuckerman papers, 1887-2014 bulk 1963-1992 [RBML]
... women scientists whose work is attributed to their male colleagues. Zuckerman is also the co-author of the Matthew effect. The Matthew effect, which takes its name from the Parable of the talents or minas...

George Vernadsky Papers, circa 1500-1973 bulk circa 1918-1973 [RBML]
... of his family, especially his wife Nina (1884-1971); his father, scientist Vladimir I. Vernadskii (1863-1945); his mother Nataliia E. Vernadskaia (1860-1943); and his sister Nina V. Toll' (1898-circa 1976...

Willard L. Severinghaus Papers, 1895-1947 [RBML]
... family, other scientists, laboratory equipment, the "Leonardo da Vinci Aircraft" exhibit, one identified group photograph of the "Cavendish Research" in 1926, 24 lantern slides (3 1/4 x 4 inches, glass...

Institute of Pacific Relations records, 1927-1962 [RBML]
... Internationalists lcsh Japanologists lcsh Orientalists lcsh Political scientists lcsh Sinologists lcsh Columbia University Libraries Rare Book and Manuscript Library 4079192 MS#0645 http...

Herman Wouk papers, 1915-2003 bulk 1940-1960 [RBML]
... Mutiny, with many annotations and notes by the author. There is also correspondence between Wouk and his colleagues, in particular his brother, the noted scientist, Victor Wouk. The Herman Wouk Papers span...

Annette Riley Fry Collection on Letchworth Village, 1907-1976 [RBML]
.... Jervis, a research scientist at Letchworth, achieved international acclaim for his research into the causes of Phenylketonuria (PKU), a metabolic disease which can cause intellectual disabilities and other...

David Nachmansohn papers, 1918-1981 [RBML]
... University and the Weizmann Institute, where he served as a member of the board of governors. He was a firm believer in the world fraternity of science and was among the first scientists of German Jewish...

Herbert Gans papers, 1944-2004 [RBML]
... American intellectuals and social scientists: John K. Galbraith, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Nathan Glazer, Robert Merton, Daniel Bell, Seymour Martin Lipset, William J. Wilson, Todd Gitlin, Frances Fox Piven...

Henrik H. Bendixen papers, 1943-1998 (bulk 1957-1994) [HSL]
...-1989. For additional information see finding aid. The papers largely document Bendixen's career as a biomedical scientist. There is no family correspondence and there are relatively few official Columbia University...

Jack Elinson papers, 1917-2005. [HSL]
.... Printed matter; 11. Photographs; 12. Oversize. Sociomedical scientist and statistician. Faculty member, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, 1956-1986. Elinson was one of the founders...

Academy of Political Science letters, 1923-1970 [RBML]
... scientists and to students of politics in universities and colleges throughout the country. In 1910 the Academy was formally incorporated as a non-for-profit institution in New York State. A constitution...

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