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Mikhail Markovich Shneerov Memoirs, 1950-1959 [RBML]
... as an active revolutionary (1902-1908), and on 1917-1920. Two shorter manuscripts appear to be largely translated excerpts from the longer work: "When I was young" (80 p.), and "My last arrest and state prison...

Tretʹe otdi︠e︡lenīe v roli pechalʹnikov zemli russkoĭ : tragiko-vodevilʹnai︠a︡ st︠s︡ena. [RBML]
...:// Russia History Nicholas II, 1894-1917. Russia Revolutionary movement. ...

Vasilii Fedorovich Klement'ev Papers, 1915-1975 [RBML]
...); and a volume of essays on the Soviet secret police, entitled "Che-Ka" published by the Russian Socialist Revolutionaries in 1922. Papers: Method of acquisition--Purchase; Date of acquisition--1967. Papers...

Isaac Nachman Steinberg Collection, 1918-1925 [RBML]
... by Left Socialist Revolutionaries on a variety of topics. Examples include I︠A︡kov Braun "Partii gosudarstvennogo kapitalizma i levonarodnichestvo" "O.L. Chizhikov"Integralńyĭ sot︠s︡ializm v mirovozrennii...

Socialist-Revolutionary Party Records, 1904-1939 [RBML]
...Partīi︠a︡ sot︠s︡īalistov-revoli︠u︡t︠s︡īonerov Socialist-Revolutionary Party Records, 1904-1939 2000 items (7 boxes) This collection is located on...

Nikolai Sergeevich Rusanov Manuscript, 1920 [RBML]
.... The responsibility to secure copyright permission rests with the patron. Manuscript: Method of acquisition--Purchase; Date of acquisition--1967. Nikolai Sergeevich Rusanov (1859-1939), Russian Social-Revolutionary...

Vladimir Mikhailovich Zenzinov Papers, circa 1900-1953 [RBML]
... Revolutionary Party and émigré activist first in France and, after 1940, in the United States. Correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, subject files and printed material of Vladimir M. Zenzinov (1880...

Nina Sergeevna Don Memoirs, 1965-1974 [RBML]
...Don, Nina Sergeevna, Nina Sergeevna Don Memoirs, 1965-1974 10 items (1 box) This collection is located on-site. Typescript memoirs (220 p.) concerning pre-revolutionary Russia, her experiences during...

Irina Eval'dovna Elenevskaia Memoirs, 1967 [RBML]
... Elenevskai︠a︡'s childhood in pre-revolutionary Russia, the period of the Revolution and Civil War, and the Russian emigration in Sweden and Finland. Memoirs: Method of acquisition--Purchase; Date of acquisition...

Vera Georgievna Kugusheva Manuscripts, 1919-1976 [RBML]
... family and youth; excerpts from her diaries, touching on in particular Vladivostok in 1920; transcription of the memories of Vera Alt́ovskiĭ about Alesha Prokofév, a revolutionary; manuscripts about...

Vera Mitrofanovna Bogrov Papers, 1881-1972 [RBML]
... with such topics as her childhood, the Bogrov family, the Russian revolutionary movement , and the "Jewish Question" in Russia. There are also three documents relating to Grigoriĭ G. Bogrov, Bogrova's father...

Nikolai Aleksandrovich Rubakin Papers, 1910-1935 [RBML]
...--Purchase; Date of acquisition--1952. Writer and publicist who wrote numerous political pamphlets for the Socialist Revolutionary Party. Papers Accessioned 1952. Papers Processed 01/--/79. Partīi︠a︡...

Aleksei A. Varzukevich Memoirs, 1960 [RBML]
..., during which Varzukevich's regiment was stationed in the Far East and then in Odessa and Yalta. Varzukevich describes the end of the war with Japan, revolutionary agitation in the armed forces in 1905...

Preserved Smith Notebooks, 1820 [Burke]
... University in the City of New York. Minister in Rowe and Mendon, Mass.; American Revolutionary War veteran; grandfather to UTS alumnus Henry Preserved Smith. Smith, Preserved, 1759-1834 Archives Smith...

Soiuz Byvshikh Russkikh Sudebnykh Deiatelei vo Frantsii Records, 1918-1970 [RBML]
..., one of its last directors. Both memoirs portray legal education and the practice of law in pre-revolutionary Russia. In addition, the collection contains one folder of mostly unidentified photographs...

Earl L. Packer papers, 1910-1990 [RBML]
... Union from American and international newspapers, some of them pre-Revolutionary, as well as two volumes of a pre-Revolutionary Russian dictionary. Other subject files include various European and Asian...

Socialist Revolutionaries Party records, 1904-1939 [RBML]
...Partīi︠a︡ sot︠s︡īalistov-revoli︠u︡t︠s︡īonerov Socialist Revolutionaries Party records, 1904-1939 3.5 linear feet (7 boxes) Material is unprocessed...

Sergei Ivanovich Bel'deninov Papers, 1917-1962 [RBML]
... on such topics as his education in Irkutsk and St. Petersburg, his legal practice before and during the revolutionary period, and the Civil War in Siberia. Papers: Method of acquisition--Purchase; Date...

Vasilii Mikhailovich Kliuzhin Memoirs, 1968-1976 [RBML]
...Kli︠u︡zhin, Vasiliĭ Mikhaĭlovich, b. 1892 Vasilii Mikhailovich Kliuzhin Memoirs, 1968-1976 5 items (5 items) This collection is located on-site. Manuscript memoirs (15 p.) touch upon life in pre-revolutionary...

Lozannskaia Kolonial'naia Russkaia Biblioteka Register, 1911 - 1914 [RBML]
... out by readers, giving names and addresses of subscribers. Of some interest is the fact that some readers are noted as members of the Social Democratic and Socialist Revolutionary parties. Included...

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