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Herbert H. Lehman Papers, 1878-2002 bulk 1930-1963 [RBML]
... Cross for his missions in Germany, was killed during a practice flight in 1944. Lehman was the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senator from New York in 1946, but was defeated by Republican candidate Irving...

Chinese oral history project collection, 1914-1989 bulk 1958-1980 [RBML]
... of prominent Chinese political leaders of Republican China (1911-1949) living abroad. The project was financed by Columbia University, the Ford Foundation, and later by the National Endowment for the Humanities...

Sol Stein papers, 1943-2004 bulk 1950-2004 [RBML]
... in opposition to Senator Joseph McCarthy’s tactics and on behalf of other civil liberties issues. The organization sponsored a book written jointly by a Democrat and Republican called McCarthy and the Communists...

David Dinkins papers, 1941-2017 bulk 1985-1993 [RBML]
... Andrew Stein, but won on his third attempt, in the 1985 campaign. In 1989 Dinkins ran for mayor, defeating three-term incumbent Mayor Ed Koch, for the Democratic nomination. In November, he beat republican...

Julius Edelstein papers, 1917-1961 bulk 1948-1958 [RBML]
...:// North Atlantic Treaty Organization Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- ) United Nations http...

Solton and Julia Engel collection of literary letters manuscripts and drawings, 1832-1935 [RBML]
...:// Jay, Mary Rutherfurd Clarkson, 1786-1838 local Republican National Convention Salon d'automne (Exhibition)

Women's Environment and Development Organization records, 1980-2006 bulk 1994-1998 [RBML]
... as a feminist response to the Republican Contract. After Abzug's death in 1998, WEDO helped to establish a memorial fund in her name, the Abzug Leadership Award. Kelber left her position as editorial director...

Constance Baker Motley Papers, 1935-2006 [RBML]
...-wide elections of November 1965 for a full four-year term and was the first candidate for the Manhattan Presidency to win the endorsement of the Republican, Democratic, and Liberal Parties. As Borough President...

Peter Wellington Alexander papers, 1835-1910 [RBML]
... and partial newspapers and clippings from the various Southern newspapers (in particular THE SAVANNAH REPUBLICAN, the DAILY DISPATCH of Richmond, and the ADVERTISER AND REGISTER of Mobile) which carried...

George W. Perkins Jr. papers, 1895-1990 bulk 1909-1960 [RBML]
... of the US Army. He was awarded the Legion of Merit for his service. In 1949, President Harry Truman appointed Perkins, a Republican, to the post of Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs...

Robert P. York Collection of P. G. T. Beauregard Papers, 1860-1865 [RBML]
... businessmen who opposed federal taxation and sought to unseat the Radical Republicans in the Louisiana legislature. He also continued a long-standing personal feud with Jefferson Davis in various national...

Eric L. McKitrick Papers, 1934-2001 [RBML]
... for the failures of his policies, a position that challenged the prevailing theory that these failures were caused by Republican Radicals. The book received the American History Association's John H. Dunning Prize...

Chen Lifu Papers, 1926-1989 bulk 1926-1951 [RBML]
.... This collection is located on-site. This collection has no restrictions. The Chen Lifu papers (陳立夫檔案) mainly document his involvement in Chinese politics during the Republican era, dating from 1926 to 1989...

Huang, Fu papers, 1913-1945 [RBML]
... contain 12 microfilm reels of materials with one box of duplicates relating to his political activities during the revolutions and the early Republican period. Materials in the collection consist...

Charles Over Cornelius papers, 1921-1932 [Avery]
... about the American Wing building which is devoted entirely to American art of the colonial, revolutionary, and early republican periods. In 1926, he would write"Early American Furniture" and contribute to...

Nicholas Murray Butler papers, 1891-1947 [RBML]
... of books, pamphlets, reports, and speeches; an international traveler who crossed the Atlantic at least a hundred times; a national leader of the Republican Party; an advocate of peace and the embodiment...

League of Women Voters of New York State records, 1912-1981 [RBML]
... League of Women Voters (U.S.) National American Woman Suffrage Association Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- ) http...

Leslie H. Dingyan Chen's collection of Historiographic Materials for a Biography of Chen Chiung-Ming, 1988 [RBML]
... figure in the Guangdong province before and during the Republican period in China. The collection is consist of a typescript copy of A Collection of Historiographic Materials for a Biography of Chen Chiung...

Group Research Inc. records, 1955-1996 [RBML]
... States Radicalism United States Religious right Republicanism Right and left (Political science) Right-wing extremists United States Sound recordings aat Columbia University Libraries Rare Book...

Chiu, Chung-Wei correspondence, 1949-1950 [RBML]
... correspondence and telegrams drafts by Chiu and incoming correspondence relating to the Acting President of the Republic of China, Li Zongren, dating from 1949 to 1950 and the move of the Chinese Republican...

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