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Alfred Neumann architectural records and papers, 1900-1985 bulk 1950s-1960s [Avery]
...-dimensional arrangements of geometric spatial units. His major projects in Israel include the Bat Yam City Hall and Civic Center, holiday camps at Achziv, Michmoret, and Kiryat Yam, a housing village for Arab refugees...

Columbia Armenian Oral History Archive, 1968-1977 [RBML]
... of refugees fleeing Turkey from the massacres, arrived Yerevan (capital of Armenia) and in October 15, 1916 settled in Chelsea, Massachusetts. As with many emigrants filled with enthusiasm and eagerness...

Julius Edelstein papers, 1917-1961 bulk 1948-1958 [RBML]
... Law and legislation United States Offshore oil industry Price regulation United States Reconstruction (1939-1951) Europe Refugees Subversive activities United States Taxation United States Eklutna Dam...

Mary Bridges-Adams Collection on British Labour Movement and Russian Socialists, 1905-1939 [RBML]
... later she established a Working Women's Movement. In 1914, Mary Bridges-Adams joined the political fight to preserve the right of asylum enjoyed by refugees from tsarist Russia, among whom was Georgii...

Meyer Schapiro collection, 1919-2006 [RBML]
...s and his correspondence in the collection reflects his ongoing support of academics, artists, and philosophers. This includes his efforts to aid German and Jewish refugees of World War II. Schapiro...

Richard Brown Scandrett papers, 1944-1954 bulk 1945-1947 [RBML]
... of the Crusade for Children in 1933, Manhattan chairman of the United Parents Association in 1934, and treasurer of the Committee for the Relief of German Christian Refugees. He was also a member of the University...

Vladimir Veidle Papers, 1920-1979 [RBML]
... Russians Europe Russian literature 20th century Russians France 20th century Russia History Refugees Manuscripts (documents) aat Letters (correspondence) aat Poems aat Articles aat Documents Columbia...

Louis Henkin papers, 1940-2007 bulk 1980-2005 [RBML]
... of State. There he worked for the United Nations Bureau and NATO, focusing on constitutional law and foreign affairs, and helping to draft the 1951 Refugee Convention. Henkin began his long career...

Boris Rabbot Papers, 1930-2012 [RBML]
... as senior scientific researcher at the N. I. Vavilov Institute of the History of Natural Science and Technology. In 1976, Rabbot gained legal entry to the United States as a Jewish refugee, having applied...

Andrew Cordier Papers at the Columbia University Archives, 1923-1974 [CU Archives]
... alphabetically by sender’s last name. All original photographs were moved to the photograph collection except headshots of refugees, which are attached to correspondence within Series I. Correspondence, Subseries...

Illarion Sergeevich Vasil'chikov Papers, 1909-1969 [RBML]
... involved in social life of Russian emigre: a member of the Russian Parliamentary Committee in Berlin, the International Committee for Aid to Russian Refugees in Paris (1921), a delegate to the Congress...

Cambodia witness exhibit materials, 1981-1987 [RBML]
.... The photographs for the Cambodia Witness Exhibit were taken by David Hawk during two trips to Cambodia in March 1981 and April 1982. Hawk had worked on Cambodian relief and refugee issues while based in Bangkok...

Committee of Concerned Scientists records, 1970-2006 bulk 1974-2005 [RBML]
... of membership in the American Physical Society for scientists in Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, and Ukraine, and the Program for Refugee Scientists, which assists recent immigrants to the U.S. by providing financial...

Human Rights Watch records : Record Group 11: Middle East and North Africa, 1978-1997 bulk 1989-1994 [RBML]
... rights Israel Persian Gulf War, 1991 Prisons Israel Torture Bahrain Iran Foreign relations United States Iran Refugees Israel Boundaries Arab countries Israel Defenses Israel Foreign relations Arab...

Leonid Cherepen'kin Papers, 1910s-1980s [RBML]
... order and chaos in the face of inevitable capitulation; conversations with people he met, the mood of the civilian population, his first love to a German girl, refugees who were running to the West...

Juan J. Linz papers, 1936-2010 bulk 1950-1989 [RBML]
...:// Menéndez Pidal, Ramón, 1869-1968 Preysing, Konrad, Graf von, 1880-1950 Spanish Refugee Relief Association...

Agudath Israel Records, 1933-2008 bulk 1940-1947 [RBML]
... all members of Poale Agudath Israel to raise funds for Jewish refugees from the War. Lastly, the second folder includes newspaper clippings from the Jewish Journal and Kol Israel along with a poster...

Arthur Rothstein photographs, 1848-2000 bulk 1932-1985 [Avery]
... of famine as well as Jewish refugee camps. Over the following decades, Rothstein continued his career with LOOK magazine, having been named its director of photography in 1946. After LOOK ceased publication...

Viola Wertheim Bernard papers, 1918-2000. [HSL]
... Psychiatry. Bernard's political activism is seen in the records of her work with the Non-Sectarian Committee for German Refugee Children in the late 1930s; her opposition to the Loyalty Oath; her involvement...

Nataliia Apollinarievna Logunova Papers, 1913-1972 [RBML]
...-1973 Journalism Emigration and immigration Soviet Union 20th century Emigration and immigration Europe 20th century Refugee Camps Germany Refugees 1940...

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