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Benckendorff Family Papers, 1772-1968 [RBML]
... Shuvalov. Shuvalov was described by his grandson as a liberal or even radical aristocrat who kept well away from St. Petersburg and the imperial court, preferring to spend the summer on his estate near Kiev...

University Protest and Activism Collection, 1958-2018 bulk 1968-1972 [CU Archives]
... Committee ingest Morningside Housing Committee ingest Progressive Labor Party Radical Faculty Group ingest Student Mobilization Committee (U.S.) http...

New Leader records, 1895-2011 bulk 1924-2006 [RBML]
... that was nevertheless far too radical for the Czarist state -- and, at sixteen, he was jailed for the first time. As World War One began, he traveled to Chicago to avoid military service. Then, in February 1917, when...

Boehm Foundation records, 1963-2004 bulk 1993-2002 [RBML]
..., he even helped Robert travel to the Soviet Union in the hopes of "disillusioning" him about the potential of radical politics. Yet despite Louis' best efforts, Robert became ever more committed...

Boris Sapir papers, 1898-1992 [RBML]
... of whom were a generation older. But he was also an historian and archivist and editor or author of several important works on the history of Russian radical populism and socialism. Boris Moiseevich Sapir...

C. L. R. James papers, 1933-2001 bulk 1948-1989 [RBML]
....L.R. James Letters, 1939-1981 New York Public Library, Schomburg Center, New York, NY Oral History of the American Left: Radical Histories New York University, Tamiment Library and Robert F. Wagner Labor...

Price Waterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand records, 1891-2000 [RBML]
... the reformulation of the agenda in a period of radical change in both marketplace and the profession. 1982 Price Waterhouse World Firm formed. The steady absorption of the more successful local and regional practices...

Annie Stein papers, 1954-1993 bulk 1954-1981 [RBML]
... sentences, from an essay Annie Stein wrote for the Harvard Educational Review in 1971, encapsulate a lifetime of radical activism, a career in statistical research, and a habit of righteous anger. For nearly...

Vladimir Ussachevsky papers, 1932-1969 [RBML]
...'s longstanding interest in electrical engineering, however, led him to pursue a radical new direction in composition. As his student Robert Moog recalled"The department had acquired its first tape recorder...

Carl W. Ackerman papers on Hokan Bjornstrom Steffanson, 1910-1962 [RBML]
... that discussed the possibility of a successful democracy in post-Kaiser Germany. When the book was printed in 1917, at the height of World War I, this sentiment was considered quite radical. The London Times...

Records of the Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League to Champion Human Rights, 1836-1978 bulk 1933-1975 [RBML]
... socialism Neo-Nazism Racism Radicalism http...

Robert P. York Collection of P. G. T. Beauregard Papers, 1860-1865 [RBML]
... businessmen who opposed federal taxation and sought to unseat the Radical Republicans in the Louisiana legislature. He also continued a long-standing personal feud with Jefferson Davis in various national...

Whitney M. Young, Jr. papers, 1960-1977 [RBML]
... to pay more attention to the needs of urban Black people. Although Malcolm X and other radical Black leaders initially associated Young with the "foxy white liberals" whom they believed to control...

James Graham Phelps Stokes papers, 1779-1960 bulk 1884-1960 [RBML]
...:// African Americans History Charities Socialism Radicalism http...

Morgan J. Rhees papers, 1794-1968 [RBML]
...: The Butler family papers in Ms Coll\Butler Abolitionist, Welsh republican radical, publisher, Baptist minister, pioneer and adventurer Morgan J. Rhees fled to the United States in 1794 faced with arrest...

University Place Book Shop records, 1930-1994 [RBML]
...:// Radicalism United States Rare books Africa Politics and government Photographs aat Financial records aat...

Group Research Inc. records, 1955-1996 [RBML]
...:// Political parties Political movements United States Radicalism United States Religious right

Eric L. McKitrick Papers, 1934-2001 [RBML]
... for the failures of his policies, a position that challenged the prevailing theory that these failures were caused by Republican Radicals. The book received the American History Association's John H. Dunning Prize...

Barney Rosset papers, 1841-2011 bulk 1935-2011 [RBML]
... personal and professional endeavors as a radical publisher, intellectual, and overall man of letters. It consists of writings, letters, photographs, interviews, films, catalogs, publishing files related...

Joseph Parrish Thompson and Leonard Bacon papers, 1845-1928 [RBML]
... the issues of slavery and slaveholding. The correspondence in this collection demonstrates the commitment of Thompson and Bacon to a less radical strain of abolitionism than outright opposition...

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