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Jacques Barzun papers, 1900-1999 [RBML]
...:// Dissertations aat Drafts (documents) aat Essays aat Examinations...

Edwin H. Armstrong papers, 1886-1982 bulk 1912-1954 [RBML]
... in order to examine any existing equipment manufactured by the Europeans for the American Expeditionary Forces. The Major set off to France but en route he was delayed in England due to heavy fog. While...

Goddard-Riverside Community Center records, 1854-1994 [RBML]
... and included social clubs Fresh Air Camp and medical examinations. To reflect this wider range of activities the institution's name was unofficially changed to the West 63rd Street Community House and in 1939...

Herbert Gans papers, 1944-2004 [RBML]
..., and Richard Cloward. Finally, Gans's teaching files include syllabi, lecture outlines, reading lists, and examinations from four decades of teaching at the University of Pennsylvania, M.I.T., and Columbia...

Grosvenor Neighborhood House records, 1913-1990s, 2013-2018 [RBML]
... by the Child Study Association, and medical examinations. In addition, for several years during the 1920s Grosvenor hosted the Turtle Bay Music School, which offered instrumental and vocal lessons to community...

Eleanor M. Tilton papers, 1770-1991 [RBML]
... aat Etchings (prints) aat Examinations (documents) aat Financial records aat...

Joseph L. Blau papers, 1912-1987 [RBML]
... Drafts (documents) aat Essays aat Examinations (documents) aat http...

Random House records, 1925-1999 [RBML]
... student Molly Boord examined the boxes and edited an OCR version of the PDF into a Word document. In 2020 and 2021, Kevin Schlottmann worked from the Word document to impose an arrangement and imported...

Carnegie Corporation of New York records, circa 1872-2015 [RBML]
... Education Anthropology Research English language Study and teaching Graduate Record Examination Languages, Modern Study and teaching Humanities Research...

Sol Stein papers, 1943-2004 bulk 1950-2004 [RBML]
... abroad of information about the United States through media, Congress used VoA to promote American foreign policy and democracy. The broadcasts that Stein wrote from 1951-1953 examined contemporary...

Manning Marable papers, 1967-2012 [RBML]
... be public motivated him to write and produce a free column that examined black politics, culture, and current events for nearly thirty years. The column, "From the Grassroots" (later "Along the Color Line...

Edith Elmer Wood papers, 1900-1943 [Avery]
... the Wagner-Ellenbogen bill); course outlines, reading lists, examinations, correspondence, notes, and other instructional material from courses Wood taught at Teachers College, Columbia University...

Peter Marcuse papers, 1947-2017 [Avery]
..., teaching notes, schedules, bibliographies, examination prompts, student work, and course readers. The content and title of each folder mostly correspond to a specific course taught by Marcuse. This section...

Gerald Sykes papers, 1921-1984 [RBML]
...:// Curricula aat Drafts (documents) aat Essays aat Examinations (documents...

Amos Vogel papers, 1896-2001 bulk 1960-1990 [RBML]
... or sexual, can be used within the medium of film in order to manipulate the viewers conscious and unconscious mind. Vogel examines over five hundred films, many of which were rarely seen or banned works...

Louis Dropkin papers, 1941-1956 bulk 1947-1952 [RBML]
... to be a part of radio," and his extant scripts from that period demonstrate a particular focus on documentary and public service programs that ranged from histories of Baltimore to an examination of the dangers...

Herbert Wechsler Papers, 1919-2000 bulk 1932-1995 [RBML]
... in Washington for the Department of Justice, first serving in the Solicitor General’s office (1940-1941) and then as Executive Secretary of the Board of Legal Examiners (1941-1942). While working...

Rosario Ferré Papers, 1900-2014 bulk 1950s-2010 [RBML]
... drive. Individual digital files were not examined during processing: information on the contents of the disks was gathered from the existing labels and is included in the container list for Series VII...

Thomas Jesse Jones papers, circa 1870s-1982 bulk circa 1900-1950 [RBML]
... cannot provide access to original time-based media material which has not been first been reformatted for preservation. Researchers are welcome to examine archival time-based media items and decide whether...

Pamela Moore Papers, 1939-2018 bulk 1950-1964 [RBML]
... projects upon further examination of the available records. The collection includes contracts, outlines, typescripts, setting copies, and other materials related to Moore's published novels. The collection...

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