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Oscar Newman papers, 1959-1998 [Avery]
... expert testimony, press clippings, reference material, lectures, and essays. It also includes notes and drafts for the publication Integration = Intervention: The Use of Occupancy Controls at Starrett City...

Sam Schaefler historical and literary letters and documents, 1674-1970s [RBML]
... Depositions aat diplomas aat Engravings (prints) aat Essays aat http...

George A. Plimpton Papers, 1634-1956 [RBML]
... and legal records, including his checkbooks, check stubs, receipts, and wills. Other items include notes, drafts of Plimpton's lectures and essays, family scrapbooks, guestbooks, travel diaries, a small...

Jacques Barzun papers, 1900-1999 [RBML]
...:// Dissertations aat Drafts (documents) aat Essays aat Examinations...

Frederick Fried Coney Island collection, 1847-2001 [RBML]
... authored the essay “Fragmentary Landmarks” for the installation’s inaugural catalog. Fried’s interest in the sculptors and manufacturers of architectural ornament led to his collaboration...

Shadrach Woods architectural records and papers, 1923-2008 bulk 1948-1973 [Avery]
... in the proceedings of Team X, a group of architects that emerged from the meetings of CIAM in the postwar years. He published numerous essays on urban themes, including explanations of his concepts of "stem" and "web...

Henry Hope Reed papers, 1911-1998 [Avery]
... to have been put in place by the donor’s family. Subseries 1: Writing includes final versions and working drafts of articles (published and unpublished), book reviews, essays and introductions, dictionary...

M. Moran Weston Papers, 1824-1994 [RBML]
... diplomas aat Essays aat Columbia University Libraries Rare Book...

George Y. Shevelov Papers, 1922-2001 [RBML]
..., such as his early poetry, professional articles, monographs, reviews, and essays (including works of his student years), memoirs, etc. Files include published and unpublished works, extensive drafts...

Park Benjamin papers, 1645-1925 [RBML]
... Diaries aat Drawings (visual works) aat Essays aat Estate inventories aat http...

Lenore Marshall papers, 1887-1980 [RBML]
...:// Drafts (documents) aat Drawings (visual works) aat Essays aat Fiction...

William McMurtrie Speer papers, 1880-1936 [RBML]
...:// Essays aat Fiction (general genre) aat Galley proofs aat Geological maps...

Leopold Haimson Papers, 1890s-1999 [RBML]
...; "Politics of Rural Russia, 1905-1914". Bloomington: Indiana University Press, c1979; "Russia's Revolutionary Experience, 1905-1917: Two Essays". New York: Columbia University Press, c2005; "Strikes, Social...

Pare Lorentz papers, 1914-1994 bulk 1932-1960 [RBML]
... magazines, including Judge, Vanity Fair, and McCall’s. Lorentz also contributed essays and fiction to Harper’s, Scribner’s, and The New Yorker. Immediately recognized as an important critic, he was 25 years...

Dawn Powell papers, 1890s-2012 bulk 1890s-1965 [RBML]
... novels and plays were out of print at the time of her death in 1965. Long after her death, an essay was written by Gore Vidal in 1987 prompted a rediscovery of her work. During the 1990s, Tim Page worked...

New Leader records, 1895-2011 bulk 1924-2006 [RBML]
... and policymakers contributed essays, as did literary icons such as Albert Camus, Arthur Koestler, Richard Wright, Hannah Arendt, and George Orwell. These bylines, though gaudy, could be found elsewhere. It was a set...

Talbot Faulkner Hamlin papers and architectural records, 1880-1959 bulk 1916-1955 [Avery]
... published eight book-length works and miscellaneous essays, encyclopedia and dictionary articles, critical and book reviews, as well as poetry, plays, and fiction. He was also the editor of the four...

Peter Blake architectural records and papers, 1910-2006 bulk 1980-2002 [Avery]
... and author, writing 17 books and numerous columns, articles, and essays for both the professional architect and the layperson. While at MoMA, Blake wrote a monograph on the architect Marcel Breuer titled...

Samson Raphaelson papers, 1916-1982 [RBML]
...:// Essays aat Fiction (general genre) aat Financial records aat Galley...

John Erskine papers, 1890-1951 [RBML]
...:// Essays aat First drafts aat Genealogies (histories) aat Invitations aat...

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