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Central Files (Office of the President records), 1890-1984 [CU Archives]
... Administration. Columbia University Buildings. Columbia University Curricula. Columbia University Faculty. Columbia University Finance. Columbia University Libraries. Columbia University Officials and employees...

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Columbia University Archives (1)

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Butler, Nicholas Murray, 1862-1947 (1)

Cordier, Andrew W, 1901-1975 (Andrew Wellington) (1)

Eisenhower, Dwight D, 1890-1969 (Dwight David) (1)

Fackenthal, Frank Diehl, 1883-1968 (1)

Kirk, Grayson L., 1903-1997 (Grayson Louis) (1)

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College administrators (1)

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College students (1)

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Columbia University (1)

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Columbia University--Administration. (1)

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Columbia University--Alumni and alumnae. (1)

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Columbia University--Curricula. (1)

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Columbia University--Libraries. (1)

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Columbia University--Officials and employees. (1)

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Education and state (1)

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