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Donald Thompson Photographs in Siberia, 1917 [RBML] for more information. Digital copies of photos by Thompson, taken for the American Red Cross (ARC) during the Siberian intervention in 1917. The originals are in the ARC collection in the Library of Congress...

World War I records : Ephemera, 1914-1918 [RBML]
... and the life of prisoners of war captured by the Germans. The majority of these cards were issued by the International Red Cross. Handwritten captions for the postcards and for other materials were written...

Emmanuil Pavlovich Benningsen Papers, 1875-1955 [RBML]
.... Denikina. Several manuscripts by E. P. Benningsen are also included: a long memoir which treats the history of the Benningsen family, his own government and Red Cross service, the 1917 Revolution...

Homer Folks papers, 1890-1963 [RBML]
... and correspondence relating to Folk's activities with the Red Cross after World War I, as a special agent to the military governor of Cuba in 1900, and as president of the New York State Probation Commission, 1907...

Chester H. Aldrich correspondence, 1897-1963 [Avery]
..., the American Red Cross and its work with soldiers in Italy during World War I, the rise of Fasicsm in Italy, economic hardships during the Depression, and the state of American and European architecture. Chester...

Hoyt family papers, 1855-1924 [RBML]
...-1919 she worked as an Auxiliary Nurse for the American Red Cross in France. Gift of Joseph Katz, 1965 Cataloged Christina Hilton Fenn 07/--/89. Papers processed Marina Kastan, Pratt SILS 2012 2010 October...

World War I posters, 1917-1923 [RBML]
... is located on-site. Posters originating primarily in the United States (with some from Canada and France) publicizing various activities on the home front in World War I: recruitment efforts, Red Cross Drives...

Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Ixhull Memoirs, 1910-1957 [RBML]
... en uniforme," discuss Ixküll's Red Cross service during World War I, when she was attached to the so-called "Wild Division" (Dikai︠a︡ Divizii︠a︡) of soldiers from the Caucasus region. Memoirs: Method...

Elisaveta Evgen'evna Mitrofanova Manuscripts, 1952-1955 [RBML]
... typescripts: memoirs about her son, Oleg P. Mitrofanov, and the Preobrazhenskiĭ Regiment in World War I; and two essays on the White Cross, entitled "Beloe dvizhenie i Belyĭ Krest"́ and "Belyĭ Krest ́v...

Frankenhuis posters collection, 1914-1926 [RBML]
... into the war, etc.), maps, propaganda, plans for the post-war world, recruiting appeals, Red Cross appeals, etc. The majority of the posters are German, for domestic consumption or for the people in the occupied...

Aleksandr Ivanovich Makhonin Manuscript and Memoir, 1966 [RBML]
... mission to England to inspect the production of war materials for Russia, his service in the Volunteer Army in the south of Russia during the Civil War, his work with the American Red Cross in Crimea...

Louis Guy Michael Memoirs, 1960 [RBML]
... he returned on a mission to study the Russian grain trade. He sailed across the Pacific with the American Red Cross Mission, spent August in Petrograd, and then travelled around Russia's Black Sea...

Andrea-Aleksandra Stegman Memoirs, 1954-1968 [RBML]
... as a member of a Baltic-German family, her life in Finland after the February Revolution, her service as a nurse in St. Petersburg during World War I, and as a member of a Red Cross mission charged with caring...

Vladimir Nikolaevich Timchenko-Ruban Manuscripts, 1880-1956 [RBML]
...-Ruban. One file relates to Sofi︠́a︡ Danilova and contains school and Red Cross documents while the other relates to Semen Lazarev and his wife Olǵa (nʹee Mikhaĭlova) and contains school, travel and military...

Illarion Sergeevich Vasil'chikov Papers, 1909-1969 [RBML]
...), his participation in the Duma, his work with the Red Cross in 1917, and his membership in the All-Russian Orthodox Church Council of 1917. There are also essays about his family genealogy...

Petr Mikhailovich Volkonskii Papers, 1905-1946 [RBML]
... of the revolution and civil war (1917-1920). Papers: Method of acquisition--Purchase; Date of acquisition--1960. Member of the Russian Red Cross during World War I and writer on religious topics. Finding aid...

Sidney Edward Mezes papers, 1917-1919 [RBML]
... no restrictions. Mezes' correspondence and documents relating to the Inquiry group. Correspondents include Emily Greene Balch, George Louis Beer, Isaiah Bowman, Wilbur Cross, Cleveland H. Dodge, Stephen P. Duggan...

Armin Kohl Lobeck papers, 1918-1919 [RBML]
..., and one drawing and one caricature of Lobeck that he sketched. The collection, however, is chiefly memorabilia of Lobeck's crossing the Atlantic on the U.S.S. George Washington with the members...

Harry Bernard Koopman Papers, 1917-1967 bulk 1917-1919 [CU Archives]
... and other memorabilia, a Red Cross flag, and a 1967 history of ambulance service during World War I. Identification of specific item; Date (if known); Harry Bernard Koopman Papers; Box and Folder; University...

Volodymyr Levyt︠s︡ʹkyĭ papers, 1880s-1980 [RBML]
... with each other. It also contains some materials on Ukrainian-Jewish relations. There are cross-references provided throughout the finding aid. When the cross-reference refers to another item within the same...

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