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Frederic Dannay papers, 1920-1982 [RBML]
.... The responsibility to secure copyright permission rests with the patron. Papers: Source of acquisition--Dannay, Richard and Douglas. Method of acquisition--Gift. Mystery writer, editor, critic of crime fiction...

Pare Lorentz papers, 1914-1994 bulk 1932-1960 [RBML]
... war crimes and the development of the Hydrogen Bomb, but the Cold War demanded silence on these topics. Thus, a career that began with such promise ended in a series of frustrations. Leonard Mac...

Boris Sapir papers, 1898-1992 [RBML]
.... The relevant documents, listing his alleged crimes and resulting punishments can perhaps serve as a coda to the history of Russian Menshevism and its apparent complete defeat by the Bolsheviks and the Soviet...

Ephraim London papers, 1940-1975 [RBML]
... of anti-aircraft artillery during World War Two; after the fighting, he investigated war crimes in Germany. His first major First Amendment case involved "The Miracle", a Roberto Rosselini film about...

Hudson Guild records, 1896-1990s [RBML]
... Avenue. But even as working class culture flourished in Chelsea, the dense population exacerbated a host of problems. Poverty, hunger, disease, crime, decrepit housing and unsanitary streets were pervasive...

Theodore Richards Conant Collection, 1949-2010 bulk 1953-2000 [Starr]
... titled "The Crime". Pat Frank’s book "The Long Way Round" provides a sanitized account of our United Nations-Korean project but not the numerous slip-ups. During the final phase of the war, two United...

Grosvenor Neighborhood House records, 1913-1990s, 2013-2018 [RBML]
... flourished, the dense population exacerbated a host of problems. Poverty, hunger, disease, crime, decrepit housing and unsanitary streets were pervasive here as elsewhere in New York and in rapidly growing...

W. A. Swanberg papers, 1927-1992 [RBML]
... articles on crime. Contents list, 8p Gift of W.A. Swanberg, 1984. Gift of John W. Swanberg & Sara V. Swanberg, 1993. Papers Processed HR 06/--/85. Papers Processed HR 01/05/93. Anderson, Eleanor...

Vera Connolly papers, 1907-1960 bulk 1916-1956 [RBML]
... publish hundreds of pieces in popular magazines, particularly Good Housekeeping. During the 1920's and early 1930s, Connelly focused on family and juvenile courts, youth crime waves, and prison conditions...

La Guardia Memorial House records, 1899-1993 [RBML]
... concentration of population also gave rise to a host of urban problems poor housing inadequate health care lack of educational opportunities and crime. Such an increase in the social problems attending urban...

Union Settlement Association records, 1896-1995 [RBML]
... organizations. But the dense concentration of population also gave rise to a host of urban problems: poor housing, inadequate health care, lack of educational opportunities, and crime. A similar increase...

Herbert Wechsler Papers, 1919-2000 bulk 1932-1995 [RBML]
...:// Criminal law Law Study and teaching Libel and slander United States Cases Model Penal Code Student movements 1960-1970 Nuremberg War Crime Trials, Nuremberg, Germany, 1946-1949 Arbitrations aat...

John Leonard papers, 1939-2015 bulk 1950s-2008 [RBML]
... review as a wider lens to comment upon the cultural turmoil of the 1970s, publishing an early and controversial review of books on the Vietnam War to comment on war crimes. An "omnivorous" cultural...

Lhasa Neighborhood Committee Number Three records, 1953-1974 bulk 1959-1972 [Starr]
... are handwritten registries from 1959-1961, listing residents, personal property, and alleged crimes. A second set of materials include four notebooks and other statements documenting struggle sessions against...

Committee to Protect Journalists records, 1978-2009 [RBML]
... Political aspects Journalists Crimes against Journalists Death Journalists Protection Journalists Violence against Press and politics Press law Columbia University Libraries Rare Book and Manuscript Library...

Human Rights Watch records : Record Group 5: Americas Watch, 1966-1994 bulk 1980-1994 [RBML]
... Chile History 20th century Prisoners Cuba Refugees Haiti Sugar workers Dominican Republic Trials (Political crimes and offenses) Paraguay Violence Colombia History 20th century Bolivia Politics...

El Diario/La Prensa Photograph Morgue, circa 1970-2006 [RBML]
... in the form of office memos and expense reports. Local events documented in the collection include New York City parades, protests, press conferences, arts and cultural events, community events, and crimes...

Chen Lifu Papers, 1926-1989 bulk 1926-1951 [RBML]
.... There are also investigative reports about activities during the Northern Expedition, reports about the assassination of Wang Jingwei (汪精衛), and the crime of Ding Mocun (丁默邨) and Li Shiqun (李士群) during the time...

David Dinkins papers, 1941-2017 bulk 1985-1993 [RBML]
... moderate and soft spoken in leadership style. When he took office, New York City was experiencing the effects of an economic recession; racial strife, drug use and crime were on the rise. Dinkins celebrated...

Jac Lessman architectural records and papers, 1925-1975 [Avery]
... was also known in some circles as "The Nite Club Doctor" for his ability to turn around struggling venues with his redesigns. Although some of his commissions were from members of organized crime, Lessman...

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