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Sam Schaefler historical and literary letters and documents, 1674-1970s [RBML]
..., mortgage bonds, insurance policies, and papers about the insurance claims of Ebenezer Stevens for shipping seized by France in 1808. There is also a letter in rebus form, written in 1734. 1992 ADDITION...

George A. Plimpton Papers, 1634-1956 [RBML]
... Italian author, especially from the classical period," the collection allowed Wellesley for a time to claim the largest library of any women's college in the United States and to cast itself as the one...

New Leader records, 1895-2011 bulk 1924-2006 [RBML]
... were increasingly convergent. "Without boasting, we can claim that historical events have completely vindicated our position on communism in Russia" wrote Levitas in 1949 to William Donovan, wartime...

Roberts Brothers papers, 1838-1932 bulk 1882-1898 [RBML]
...-1865 Publishers and publishing Massachusetts Boston Accounts aat Affidavits aat Briefs (legal documents) aat Brochures aat Certificates aat Checks (bank checks) aat Claims aat Contracts aat Drawings (visual works...

Dawn Powell papers, 1890s-2012 bulk 1890s-1965 [RBML]
... research, and was eventually buried at Hart's Island after her executrix, Jacqueline Miller Rice, declined to claim her remains five years later. Finding aid in repository;folder level control Gift of Mrs...

Jason Rogers papers, 1825-1971 [RBML]
... not even think to compete with the mammoths of the industry. At a time when the World claimed a circulation of 600,000 and the Journal boasted an astounding 950,000, the Commercial Advertiser's hovered...

Pare Lorentz papers, 1914-1994 bulk 1932-1960 [RBML]
... as films gained ever more acclaim. In 1977, Radio Station KDKA, in Pittsburgh, broadcast an interview with a man claiming to have been an FBI agent in the 1930s. On-air, he named Lorentz as a Communist...

Robert K. Merton papers, 1928-2003 bulk 1943-2001 [RBML]
... Simpson, Merton met Pitirim Sorokin, founder of the Sociology Department at Harvard University. After receiving a B.A. from Temple in 1931, Merton attended Harvard, claiming Sorokin's deep interest...

Frederick Fried Coney Island collection, 1847-2001 [RBML]
... and manufactured a diverse range of mechanical devices and rides for adults and children. In fact, Mangels claimed to have registered over seventy patents for inventions and amusement devices in his lifetime...

David A. Paterson papers, 2005-2011 [RBML]
... from the New York Yankees, but later claimed that he intended to pay for the tickets during an inquiry. As support for his candidacy continued to erode in light of these allegations, Paterson ended his...

Hubert H. Harrison papers, 1893-1927 [RBML]
... book"When Africa Awakes", was published. By August of 1920 Harrison was highly critical of Garvey's methods, claims, and actions and he ceased serving as managing editor of the "Negro World", though he...

New York Chamber of Commerce and Industry records, 1768-1984 bulk 1860-1973 [RBML]
... the first meeting. This marked the beginning of a new era for the organization. As of 1827, the Chamber had claimed the Merchants Exchange Building as its headquarters; however, the Great Fire of New York...

Edgar J. Kaufmann papers on Fallingwater, 1909-1976 bulk 1932-1955 [Avery]
... informing Taliesin apprentice Edgar Tafel of the claims being made in his name: “I am enclosing copies of correspondence since your name occurs in it and simply wish you to be up-to-date on the rumors...

Ta-Chun Hsu papers, circa 1904-2016 bulk 1938-2008 [Starr]
... and then in the San Francisco office working for the Marine Claims Department of American International Marine Agency, Inc. and later with the Underwriting Department of the American International Underwriters, Inc...

R. Hoe and Company Records, 1824-1953 [RBML]
... 1969, when to the great surprise of most observers, the firm was sued by two stockholders on the grounds that it had issued false financial reports. In July the firm filed for bankruptcy, claiming...

Herbert Lionel Matthews papers, 1909-2002 bulk 1937-1976 [RBML]
...-line while editor, which allowed him to cover events in Central and South America during the 1950s and 1960s. When Cuban dictator, Fulgencio Batista, claimed in 1956 that Fidel Casto had been killed...

Louis Dropkin papers, 1941-1956 bulk 1947-1952 [RBML]
... that number. The 1940s and 1950s saw television become a fixture in United States homes while radio's claim to being America's dominant national entertainment medium had its denouement. As a writer and producer...

Raisa Berg Papers, 1898-2006 [RBML]
... of the Russian Federation claiming the inadmissibility of conducting closed trials of dissidents. On March 4, 1968, the Academic Council of the Institute of Cytology and Genetics condemned Berg for "political...

School of General Studies Records, 1946-2004 [CU Archives]
... of Business.) In terms of attracting students, University Extension was a striking success by most accounts, and by 1926, it claimed some 10,000 students in its various courses and programs, including its “Home...

Iraida Viacheslavovna Barry Papers, 1820s-1970s [RBML]
... to the Russian Black Sea Fleet, Iraida Barry expected to study sculpture at the Imperial Academy of Arts in Petrograd before the outset of the 1917 Russian Revolution. After Bolshevik purges in Sevastopol claimed...

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