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Vladimir Feofilovich Zeeler Papers, 1870-1950 [RBML]
... and his children; photographs of Repin; and his artist's brushes and paints. The collection includes correspondence with many prominent writers, poets, composers, artists, and political figures. Among...

Dawn Powell papers, 1890s-2007 bulk 1890s-1965 [RBML]
... Theater Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Scrapbooks Authors, American Dramatists Literary agents Musicians Women authors, American People with mental disabilities Children with mental disabilities American...

Jason Rogers papers, 1825-1971 [RBML]
... and a teacher." His paper ran guides to purchasing pure food, offered home study courses, and printed bedtime stories for children. Rogers was a despot when it came to typography. A sloppy header was shabby as "a...

Pare Lorentz papers, 1914-1994 bulk 1932-1960 [RBML]
..., the American people. “Mothers in the waiting rooms of the Maternity Center,” a reviewer wrote, “undernourished children playing dangerously in the streets - the people of the tenements themselves, are the real...

Meyer Schapiro collection, 1919-2006 [RBML]
... was the second of four children (Morris, 1903; Meyer, 1904; Mary, 1906; and Jacob 1911) to the parents Menahem (Nathan) and Fayge (Fannie) Schapiro. Prior to moving to the United States, Schapiro's father Nathan...

Health Sciences Historical Collection, 1767-2005 bulk 1867-2004 [CU Archives]
.... In 1928 the school moved to occupy the top floors of the Vanderbilt Clinic at the Medical Center. Sloane Hospital for Women. After William Henry Vanderbilt's death in 1885, his children endowed patient care...

Oscar Newman papers, 1959-1998 [Avery]
..., and a copy of the work. + "Housing Design and Children's Anti-Social Behavior" (1981): this study was undertaken by Newman with Karen A. Franck; materials include correspondence, drafts, interview schedules...

George A. Plimpton Papers, 1634-1956 [RBML]
.... Plimpton was survived by his second wife, Fanny Hastings Plimpton (d. 1950), whom he married in Bermuda in 1917, his first son Francis, as well as the two children that he and Fanny had together, Calvin...

Emery Roth & Sons architectural records and papers, 1906-1996 bulk 1951-1994 [Avery]
..., it remained a family business through the 1990s. Richard Roth's children, Robyn Roth-Moise and Richard Lee Roth, both worked for the firm and its subsidiaries. Emery Roth & Sons continued to design high...

James Rossant papers, 1950s-1990s [Avery]
..., particularly The World in My Kitchen: The Adventures of a (Mostly) French Woman in America (New York: Atria Books, 2007). They had four children: the educator Marianne Rossant, the architect and novelist Cécile...

Boris Sapir papers, 1898-1992 [RBML]
...-MacDonald a Dutch citizen. They had two children Leo Alexander born in 1949 and Anna Brechta born in 1952 He remained active in historical research as the Director of the Research Department of the American Jewish...

Hubert H. Harrison papers, 1893-1927 [RBML]
...-influenced activities. Beginning in 1907, he made his living as a postal clerk. In 1909 Harrison married Irene Louise ("Lin") Horton, and the following year their first of five children was born. Their relationship went...

Hudson Guild records, 1896-1990s [RBML]
... to provide its traditional range of social services, as well as expanding its work with children and teens through participation in such federally-funded programs as Neighborhood Youth Corps, Volunteers...

Eric R. Kandel papers, 1950s-2015 [RBML]
..., from Vienna 1900 to the Present (2012). Kandel married Denise Bystryn, later a professor of sociomedical sciences (in psychiatry) at Columbia University, in 1956, and they have two children...

Talbot Faulkner Hamlin papers and architectural records, 1880-1959 bulk 1916-1955 [Avery]
... information, please contact the department’s staff. Talbot Faulkner Hamlin was born on June 16, 1889 in New York City. He was the second of the four children of Alfred Dwight Foster Hamlin (1855...

Clyde Dorsett papers, 1940-1991 bulk 1952-1982 [Avery]
... services, children’s programs and total health services. During his time at the NIMH Dorsett also worked closely with a team of medical experts, believing that the medical program and the actual facility...

Edgar Tafel architectural records and papers, 1919-2005 [Avery]
... and remained a community until 1958, centering its beliefs on the school which promoted the development and creativity of the children. Tafel was a part of this progressive education that taught individualism...

Taliesin Associated Architects projects in Iran : architectural drawings and records, 1968 - 1980 [Avery]
.... After the revolution the office was closed, the assets were qualified for settling the accounts and the partners left Iran for good. Nezam moved to London where his wife Shenda and his children had been...

Kent Family papers, 1785-1901 [RBML]
... doctrine, the idea that American Indian peoples, though subject, were sovereign nations. Kent married Elizabeth Bailey, and they had four children: Elizabeth (died in infancy), Elizabeth, Mary, and William...

Herbert Lionel Matthews papers, 1909-2002 bulk 1937-1976 [RBML]
... graduated in 1922. In 1931 Matthews married Edith "Nancie" Crosse, a British citizen, with whom he had two children, Eric and Priscilla. During the first decades of Matthews' forty-five year career...

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