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Sam Schaefler historical and literary letters and documents, 1674-1970s [RBML]
.... In addition, the collection includes a letter from the Danish physicist Hans Christian Oersted to Sir John Herschel, a letter by the French poet Romain Rolland, a document of the Philadelphia Artists' Fund...

Jacques Barzun papers, 1900-1999 [RBML]
... of living culture". He met many artists and writers of the modernist era, including Marcel Duchamp, Ezra Pound and Jean Cocteau. As an undergraduate, Barzun was the Columbia University Spectator's drama...

Dawn Powell papers, 1890s-2012 bulk 1890s-1965 [RBML]
... (documents) aat Tickets aat Appointment books aat Artists lcsh http...

Russian and early Soviet sheet music collection, 1904-1938 [RBML]
... Rostov-na-Donu, Kiev, Kharʹkov, and Tiflis. Most scores are popular music, jazz or dance music. The covers were designed by many different artists. The collection includes musical settings of poems...

Jack Harris Samuels English and American literary manuscripts and letters collection, [1630]-1964 [RBML]
... (painting) aat Actresses lcsh Artists lcsh Authors lcsh http...

Robert K. Merton papers, 1928-2003 bulk 1943-2001 [RBML]
... that performing artists often Americanized their names. Following suit, he chose Robert Merton as his stage name; Robert, derived from the French magician Robert Houdin (whom Harry Houdini took his last name...

Hodder and Stoughton records, 1875-1914 [RBML]
...:// Artists' representatives lcsh Biographers lcsh Clergy lcsh http...

Samuel and Bella Spewack papers, 1920-1980 [RBML]
...:// Clippings (Information Artifacts) aat Contracts aat Artists lcsh

New Leader records, 1895-2011 bulk 1924-2006 [RBML]
... the entire print run of the magazine, from 1924 until 2006. It features business letters between editors and contributing authors. Artwork used in The New Leader is organized by subject, or artist. The subject...

Frederick Fried Coney Island collection, 1847-2001 [RBML]
... on the New York City shipcarver Thomas V. Brooks (1828-1895) and his apprentice Samuel Anderson Robb (1851-1928) led to the publication of Artists in Wood: American Carvers of Cigar-Store Indians, Show Figures...

Serge Chermayeff architectural records and papers, 1909-1980 [Avery]
..., and was awarded honorary degrees from several colleges and universities. In addition, he was a life-long artist, industrial designer, and poet, exhibiting at galleries in Chicago and Boston and self...

Woodlawn Cemetery records, 1863-1999 [Avery]
... is the rich documentation on mausoleums and memorials designed by numerous prominent American architects, landscape architects, artists, and designers, including Herbert Adams; Robert Aitken; Alexander...

Herbert Lionel Matthews papers, 1909-2002 bulk 1937-1976 [RBML]
... with political, intellectual, and artistic figures of the twentieth century, including Fidel Castro, Winston Churchill, Benedetto Croce, and Ernest Hemingway. Also included are ephemera collected during his career...

Brander Matthews Dramatic Museum records, 1732-1995 [RBML]
... Collection shelf list). GEOFFROY: 86 letters removed from the Charles Michel Geoffroy, NOUVELLE GALERIE DES ARTISTES DRAMATIQUES, which contains his engravings of theatrical personalities. 15 of these letters...

William Bronk papers, 1908-1999 [RBML]
..., whose Elizabeth Press was Bronk's publisher from 1969 to 1981, from Eugene Canadé, an artist who illustrated many of Bronk's books, from Bronk's sisters, and from many friends. There are also letters...

Sol Stein papers, 1943-2004 bulk 1950-2004 [RBML]
... prominent intellectuals and artists, the ACCF was founded as the American branch of the International Congress for Cultural Freedom and notable members included W.H. Auden, Elia Kazan, Lionel Trilling, Saul...

Ephraim London papers, 1940-1975 [RBML]
..., who took the case. Arguing the trial before three city judges, London used his familiar strategy of calling expert witnesses to testify to the social and artistic relevance of the comedian's routines...

F. W. (Frederick Wilcox) Dupee papers, 1778-2003 bulk 1933-1979 [RBML]
..., correspondences with dozens of writers, critics, scholars, editors and artists, as well as Dupee's wife, mother and children; journals, notes and annotated manuscripts; full transcriptions of in-depth interviews...

Sylvia Ardyn Boone Papers, 1925-2011 bulk 1961-1993 [RBML]
...: Ideals of Feminine Beauty in Mende Art (1986), and Images of women in African art in Artist and influence (1988), among other works. Her other professional activities included participating in the United...

George Howe papers, 1926-1974 bulk 1926-1955 [Avery]
...:// Artists United States Architects United States Architecture Pennsylvania Philadelphia Architecture United States Bank buildings Pennsylvania Philadelphia Monuments Connecticut Exhibitions...

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