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Italian Academy records, 1934-2002 [CU Archives]
... during sugar shortages), books and magazines. The Casa was the place volunteers could make appointments to donate blood and/or plasma in the mobile blood bank unit of the American Red Cross. Volunteers...

Edgar I. Williams architectural drawings and papers, 1920-1969 [Avery]
... from 1920 to 1946 and New York University from 1922 to 1923. During World War I, he served on the American Red Cross Commission to Italy and served on the Rutherford Planning Board during the 1940's...

American Constantinople Relief Committee records, 1912 -- 1914 [Burke]
... was then distributed by the American Red Cross Committee in Constantinople via Branch Treasurer, William Peet. The Relief Committee elected as secretary William Willard Howard in February 1913, who called upon churches...

Subbotić-Pereplotchikov Family Papers, 1861-2002 [RBML]
... and plenipotentiary in London (1939-1941), Yugoslavia's representative to the American Red Cross, Doctor of Law, member of the prominent New York law firm of Coudert Brothers, professor of international comparative law...

Thomas Day Thacher Papers, 1917-1950 [RBML]
... of the American Red Cross to Russia in 1917-1918; Thacher served as a secretary of the mission. There are letters and telegrams by W.B. Thompson and Raymond Robins, records of supplies, shipments, and distribution...

Eleanor Belmont Papers, 1851-1979 [RBML]
... of the New York Subway, and the Cape Cod Canal. Both Belmonts actively took part in the war effort in World War I. Mrs. Belmont was appointed to the American Red Cross and she courageously traveled dangerous...

Homer Folks papers, 1890-1963 [RBML]
... of acquisition--Transfer; Date of acquisition--1970. Accession number--M-70. Social worker. Contents list Cataloged Christina Hilton Fenn 06/--/89. American Red Cross

Hoyt family papers, 1855-1924 [RBML]
...-1919 she worked as an Auxiliary Nurse for the American Red Cross in France. Gift of Joseph Katz, 1965 Cataloged Christina Hilton Fenn 07/--/89. Papers processed Marina Kastan, Pratt SILS 2012 2010 October...

Aleksandr Ivanovich Makhonin Manuscript and Memoir, 1966 [RBML]
... mission to England to inspect the production of war materials for Russia, his service in the Volunteer Army in the south of Russia during the Civil War, his work with the American Red Cross in Crimea...

Louis Guy Michael Memoirs, 1960 [RBML]
..., and some information on World War I. In 1917 he returned on a mission to study the Russian grain trade. He sailed across the Pacific with the American Red Cross Mission, spent August in Petrograd...

Chester H. Aldrich correspondence, 1897-1963 [Avery]
..., the American Red Cross and its work with soldiers in Italy during World War I, the rise of Fasicsm in Italy, economic hardships during the Depression, and the state of American and European architecture. Chester...

Allen Wardwell Papers, 1917-1941 [RBML]
... of Wardwell. These papers chiefly concern the 1917-1918 American Red Cross Mission to Russia, in which Wardwell served, and his involvement in efforts to support trade with and aid to Russia in 1919-1924; he...

George Leslie Harrison papers on the Federal Reserve System, 1920-1940 [RBML]
... of the Board, New York Life Insurance Company, 1948-1953. His career also included activities for the American Red Cross and trusteeship of Columbia University. Contents list.. Card file index to letters...

Frederick Lee Barnum Diary, 1919-1920 [RBML]
... ejs 11/--/87. Formerly part of Bakhmeteff (BAR) General Bound Ms. 29 American Red Cross Mission to Russia Americans Soviet Union Soviet Union History...

Donald Thompson Photographs in Siberia, 1917 [RBML] for more information. Digital copies of photos by Thompson, taken for the American Red Cross (ARC) during the Siberian intervention in 1917. The originals are in the ARC collection in the Library of Congress...

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