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Oscar Newman papers, 1959-1998 [Avery]
... or was requested to attend. The material includes correspondence, agendas/programs, transcripts, notes, and Newman’s writings to be presented. It is arranged chronologically by conference. Series XII: Professional...

V. K. Wellington Koo papers, 1906-1992 bulk 1931-1966 [RBML]
...- China Politics and government 1912-1949 Accounts aat Agendas (administrative records) aat Agreements aat http...

Jacques Barzun papers, 1900-1999 [RBML]
...:// Addresses rbgenr Advertisements aat Affidavits aat Agendas (administrative records) aat http...

New Leader records, 1895-2011 bulk 1924-2006 [RBML]
... true to its anti-totalitarian philosophy, while dropping some of the more ideologically driven aspects of its agenda. While Levitas had been primarily concerned with promoting a cause, Kolatch...

Columbia College records, 1875-2015 bulk 1969-1987 [CU Archives]
... minutes (administrative records) aat Agendas (administrative records) aat Budgets aat Correspondence aat Curricula aat Minute books aat Newsletters aat Newspapers aat Press releases aat Proposals aat...

Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs records, 1939-2006 bulk 1956-2003 [CU Archives]
..., faculty members, foundations, offices, and students. These files also contain agendas, agreements, background information, budgets, committee materials, legal documents, memoranda, minutes, proposals...

Core Curriculum records, 1937-2007 bulk 1937-1995 [CU Archives]
..., and preceptors became a persistent challenge for Core administrators. 1968 to the Present Humanities and Contemporary Civilization dominated the agenda at the University's 1968 Arden House conference, an annual...

David Hamburg papers, 1949-2003 [RBML]
... the National Commission on Teaching and America's Future, whose report, What Matters Most (1996), provided a framework and agenda for teacher education reform across the country. Characteristically these study...

Boehm Foundation records, 1963-2004 bulk 1993-2002 [RBML]
... agendas, letter templates, grant application forms, and brochures, among other material. Identification of specific item; Date (if known); Boehm Foundation records; Box and Folder; Rare Book and Manuscript...

David Dinkins papers, 1941-2017 bulk 1985-1993 [RBML]
..., while pledging to mend racial tensions. And as the federal government had cut monetary aid to the nation's cities, Dinkins' supporters pushed an agenda that focused on social services for a struggling...

Central Files (Office of the President records), 1890-1984 [CU Archives]
... and agenda, legal documents, personnel records, invitations, pamphlets, publications, floor plans, petitions, fliers, press releases, and speeches. Records represent the tenure of presidents Seth Low (1890...

Joseph Dorfman papers, 1890-1983 [RBML]
... Agendas (administrative records) aat Agreements aat Articles aat Bibliographies aat Essays aat Histories aat Interviews aat Invitations aat Lecture notes aat Lectures aat Medical records aat Memorandums aat...

Union Settlement Association records, 1896-1995 [RBML]
... Harlem (New York, N.Y.) History New York (N.Y.) History New York (N.Y.) Social conditions Administrative records aat Agendas (administrative records) aat Announcements aat Annual reports aat architectural...

Price Waterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand records, 1891-2000 [RBML]
... the reformulation of the agenda in a period of radical change in both marketplace and the profession. 1982 Price Waterhouse World Firm formed. The steady absorption of the more successful local and regional practices...

Louis Henkin papers, 1940-2007 bulk 1980-2005 [RBML]
... provide insight into his philosophical outlook and his perspective on his career. Collection materials include administrative files, agendas, articles, awards, bound volumes and journals, case reports...

Double Discovery Center records, 1965-2005 bulk 1985-1995 [CU Archives]
... University, 1890-1971. On August 20, 1964, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Economic Opportunity Act (EOA), which was the centerpiece of his "War on Poverty" legislative agenda. This legislation created...

Roger Halle papers and architectural drawings, 1943-1992 [Avery]
... of National Institute of Building Science (NIBS) where he prepared and proposed research plans for the Housing Technology Research Agenda. Halle also published many articles in several publication including...

Mathilde Krim papers, circa 1948-2016. [HSL]
... statements, grant applications, photographs, itineraries and other travel documents, agendas, informational brochures, flyers and other printed works created by amfAR. Questionnaires, reports, polls...

Institute of Pacific Relations records, 1927-1962 [RBML]
... Social conditions Pakistan Social conditions Agendas (administrative records) aat Annual reports aat Applications rbgenr Articles aat Audits aat Bibliographies aat Budgets aat Bulletins aat Bylaws...

Whitney M. Young, Jr. papers, 1960-1977 [RBML]
... and pushed to the front of the NUL's official agenda influenced the social programs of Johnson's Great Society, particularly the War on Poverty. Young's ability to maintain cordial relations with the Nixon...

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