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Konstantin Konstantinovich Akintievskii Papers, 1918-1962 [RBML]
... by Ataman Grigoriĭ Semenov and one letter by Admiral Aleksandr Vasiliyevich Kolchak. There are several letters by Ataman Grigoriĭ Semenov and one letter by Admiral Aleksandr Vasiliyevich Kolchak. Papers...

Boris Doudoroff collection, 1905-1965 [RBML]
..., Columbia University Library. Gift of Thomas Daly, 2019. Rear Admiral Boris Doudoroff was one of the creators of Naval aviation in Russia, fought in Russo-Japanese war, (1904-05), military conflict in which...

Mikhail Sergeevich Stakhevich Papers, 1920-1954 [RBML]
... on the "Rossii︠a︡ with Nicholas II and Admiral Essen. The subject files concern the Imperial Navy, the Association of Former Imperial Russian Naval Officers and Stakhevich himself. The printed materials include naval...

Miklos Horthy Papers, 1945-1949 [RBML]
...Horthy, Miklos, nagybʹanyai, 1868-1957 Miklos Horthy Papers, 1945-1949 12 items (1 box) This collection is located on-site. Papers concern the fate of Admiral Horthy after the Second World War...

Konstantin Viacheslavovich Sakharov Papers, 1930-1956 [RBML]
... Army general, Sakharov served in both the Russo-Japanese War and World War I. In the Civil War he was a commanding officer under Admiral Kolchak. Sakharov emigrated to Germany after the war. Finding aid...

Mstislav Petrovich Golovachev Papers, 1898-1954 [RBML]
... on Admiral Kolchak, and one by V. Russii︠a︡n, a former tsarist police official, attempting to prove that Stalin was a police agent. Photographs include an inscribed portrait of Lev Tolstoĭ. Subject files...

Aleksandr Petrovich Lukin Papers, 1917-1975 [RBML]
... Kronshtadtskikh matrosov." There is also a manuscript (28 p.) by the widow of Admiral Viren entitled "O sobytii︠a︡kh v Kronshtadte." Papers: Method of acquisition--Purchase; Date of acquisition--1975. A captain...

Zinaida Andreevna Melik-Ogandzhanova Papers, 1935-1961 [RBML]
... part in the organization of the judicial department under Admiral Kolchak and Ataman Semenov. After the Civil War, he served in the administration of the Chinese Eastern Railroad in Harbin, Manchuria...

Vasilii Aleksandrovich Mikhailov Memoirs & Printed Materials, 1904-1966 [RBML]
... all 248 p.) discuss Mikhaĭlov's education in Nezhin and at Kiev University; and the Revolution and Civil War in Siberia, particularly Orenburg in 1917 and later with Admiral Kolchak. Also included...

Natalia L'vovna Murav'eva-Nei Memoirs, 1971 [RBML]
...'ev, and granddaughter of Admiral Petr Petrovich Murav'ev. She was in Sevastopol in 1917, and in Petrograd in 1918-1919. In 1919-1920 she was in the town of Kotelʹnich. In the early 1920s she went to Vladivostock...

Vladimir Konstantinovich Pilkin Papers, 1919-1937 [RBML]
...-22), and the "Morskoĭ fond" in Helsinski (1920-24); and subsidies disbursed to White naval personnel living in Estonia (1920-23). Papers: Method of acquisition--Purchase; Date of acquisition--1957. Admiral...

Lindley Williams Hubbell papers, 1933-2005 [RBML]
..., during his initial time living in Japan. Hubbell received a Yale Younger Poets award in 1927, and his books of poetry were published by major publishers in the US. He was an early admirer of Gertrude Stein...

Ted Berrigan papers, 1961-1975 [RBML]
... on-site. This collection has no restrictions. A second generation New York School poet, Ted Berrigan’s life and work was heavily influenced by the Beat poets whom he greatly admired. This collection...

Mary Klachko papers, 1852-1995 [RBML]
..., notes, reports, photographs and printed materials. The Klachko papers are almost entirely made up of her research notes for her biography of Admiral Benson. The material covers all aspects of his life...

Samuel Loveman letters, 1911-1976 [RBML]
... by friends, colleagues, and admirers. Subjects written about include the legacy and growing interest in author Hart Crane and Loveman's connection to him, antiquarianism, and books. There is a small amount...

Albert Rhys Williams Papers, circa 1910s-1990s [RBML]
... Revolution in Bildern (The Russian Revolution in Pictures). He later befriended Lenin, whom he continued to admire throughout the remainder of his life. Williams returned to North America in 1929...

Chrystie Family papers, 1789-1946 [RBML]
... Ludlow Chrystie, 1841-1914, from Admiral David G. Farragut and Asa Bird Gardiner, of the Society of the Cincinnati, and his letterbook for 1896-1914. In Addition to Dr. Chrystie's medical practice and his...

Mark Twain papers, 1900-1968 [RBML]
..., Issued by the Admiral;" and a photograph album of the Mark Twain Dinner, 1905. Identification of specific item; Date (if known); Mark Twain papers; Box and Folder; Rare Book and Manuscript Library...

Charles Stewart Daveis papers, 1815-1864 [RBML]
... and literary matters. Thirty-two letters from and about Charles William, 3rd Earl Fitz-William, with a long manuscript biography of the Earl by Daveis, who was a friend and warm admirer. Identification...

Rockwell Kent papers, 1885-1970 [RBML]
... drawings. There are also lithographs and woodblock prints by Kent's students and admirers. A comprehensive collection of working drawings and sketches, watercolor paintings, lithographs, proofs, manuscripts...

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